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championing the roll-up-your-sleeves work ethic.

AdvantaStaff isn’t your typical staffing agency. Instead of filling positions in cubicles, they specialize in servicing hard-to-fill positions in places like warehouses, production floors, or machine operations — positions that require a strong back and an even stronger work ethic.

93 Octane developed a series of materials designed to emphasize their unique nitch and reinforce the company’s work-hard philosophy. An oversized brochure brings to life the real world differences an AdvantaStaff worker brings to their position, and details the processes they follow to ensure that clients get the maximum bang for the buck.

AdvantaStaff was so thrilled with the work, they ordered branded hats and shirts to match. Now we’re in the process of bringing the same message to their website.

print design
direct mail
branded merchandise
website development
creative concept

Advantastaff Homepage 680×453
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