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strengthening the identity of a storied brand.

Those who know it well, appreciate Maymont for its historic significance, its natural beauty and the magical experiences it offers to guests who pass through. But for many, Maymont was just a collection of images and experiences without a clear brand or a compelling story. Worse yet, many guests confused Maymont with a public Richmond park.

93 Octane developed a new logo that reflects the grandeur and elegance of the late 1800s, as seen through the lens of modern sensibilities. This helps reinforce the new positioning, as “An American Estate.” The logotype embellishes an old style font with a leaf flourish, reflecting both the plant life in the gardens, as well as the ornamental ironwork found throughout the estate. The swan icon was inspired by Sally Dooley’s love of swans, as reflected in the swan bed found in Maymont Mansion.

The new logo is part of an effort to refine the image of Maymont, and includes new signage, a museum wall installation and updated literature. The goal is to tell it’s story in a way that helps guests and donors to fully appreciate its majesty, its significance as a great American estate, and the extraordinary gift the Dooleys gave our community and the generosity of others that makes this treasure possible.

branding development
identity and logo design
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Maymont Swant+tag Logo—680×453
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