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taking health care back to its roots.

The last time you went to the doctor, how much time did she spend with you? If you’re like most people, the answer is five minutes. Likely, she made a quick diagnosis, wrote a prescription and left the room. While finding a personal physician who cares isn’t rare, finding a physician who has the time to take your concerns personally is.

n1Health aims to change that with a new model of care that pairs extensive personal attention with a “root cause” approach to medicine that finds and treats the underlying source of health issues, rather than just managing symptoms. They turned to 93 Octane to give life to the brand.

The new logo shifts the 1 to an exponent, helping to communicate the power of focusing on the individual. A leaf form references the promise of growing health. And the overlapping shapes reinforces the collaborative nature of their patient-physician relationships.

Extensive brand guidelines were developed to set apart their unique approach from the sea of medical advertising. A new website, print collateral, print and banner ads, and direct mail further articulate the brand, and engage prospective patients to explore further by downloading white papers, attending seminars or scheduling an office visit.

“Working with 93-Octane has helped our business grow,” said Marketing Director Peter Kaufman. “Not only are they talented designers, but they do something extraordinary — they think. Not satisfied with doing things the easy way, they challenge us to become better. They are a true partner.”

n1Health is at the forefront of the changing healthcare field. Now their brand is positioned to help them take a leadership position.

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