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Physicians For Peace

brand campaign turns a confusing name into a key asset.

The best brands tend to thrive, not because they have a snazzy name or a cool logo, but because they consistently deliver unique, quality products and services. The same is true for Physicians for Peace. For 25 years, the non-profit has been dramatically impacting underserved regions around the world by training local health workers and elevating the level of care available. All of this success came in spite of a name that sometimes caused confusion about their mission.

After research indicated that the name had a strong affinity among their donor base, they decided to keep it, and hired 93 Octane to transform it from a liability to an asset. We started with a revised logo that positioned the organization in a more modern light. Marketing materials were then developed around the new tagline, “Teach one. Heal many.” And an introductory flyer further explained their philosophy: peace wasn’t just about the absence of war, but about how quality health care can give people the ability to live rather than just survive.

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