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how we keep accelerating in the right direction.

If marketing is our heart, these words are our soul. They sum up the way we work, the way we think, and the way we want people to think of us. Good-looking and funny are up there too, but we digress.

insightEvery good campaign starts with a burst of creativity. But for many agencies, it stops there. For us, insight isn’t just a word we use in the creative department, but throughout the whole agency every step along the way. Strategic insight is what we leverage to position you in the marketplace, to identify target markets, and to develop persuasive offers. Creative insight is what we rely on to make your message engaging and memorable. Consumer insight is what we use to craft campaigns that grab people’s attention and move them from consideration to action.

urgencyThere’s a dirty little secret in the advertising world: some of the most famous campaigns have failed to move the needle and deliver results. And that’s fine if all you’re looking for is an entertaining message that promotes brand awareness. But “clever” doesn’t always translate into transaction. We’re not interested in just grabbing people’s attention – we’re interested in moving them to action. Our communications are crafted with a bias toward action that leads to focused thinking, and focused communications that makes things happen.

accountabilityMost people in business see the a-word as being about blame rather than results, but we don’t. Because we believe that only things that are measured can improve, we measure everything we can in terms of how well it accomplishes its goal. Accountability not only helps us to identify the best messages, offers and strategies, but also the worst. Rigorous audience, offer and message testing allows us to challenge and prove whether our theories hold true, creating a feedback loop that leads to continuous improvement.

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