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Better Housing Coalition

annual report answers the $600 million question.

If you give to a non-profit, you expect an update of their progress from their annual report. But when we were asked to create the annual report for the Better Housing Coalition, we took it one step further — demonstrating their long term impact on the greater Richmond area.

The report asks, “What changes when you transform a neighborhood?” The dramatic answer: “Everything.” A colorful infographic details their effect, including the $600 million impact on community redevelopment, the dramatic decrease in energy use within their redeveloped properties, their rental rates which are more than a third lower than average, and their savvy management that keeps the cost of senior housing at 1/100th the cost of medicare. But what is even more dramatic are the stories of transformed lives. The result is a an annual report that not only affirms donors’ giving choice, but motivates them to keep going.

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